Structural Constellations 2nd Module

The second module of the “Systemic Structural Constellations - Intensive European Residential Master Class” is behind the corner. We’re meeting up in Divonne / France in mid-March.

The first module was spent on finding new insights, tools and skills on script development and team collaboration. Loved the daily routine: eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep and the repeat it.


Structural Constellations 1st Module

I’m taking part to “Systemic Structural Constellations - Intensive European Residential Master Class” with a feature script.

Master Class is divided to two separate modules. This first module is going to take place late November 2018 in Retz, Austria. Second one takes place somewhere in France, March 2019. Both sessions are one week of intense work with a bunch of filmmaker-colleagues around the Europe.

Can’t wait to learn new skills and tools out from the sandbox. Looking forward for this one.

Debate – Talent Development in Europe

Looking forward to take part to a Talent Development Debate with focus on Europe and the exchange of knowledge between the EU-countries. The debate takes place at SUPER8000 -film festival on upcoming weekend in Aarhus, Denmark.

Co-debators are Kirsikka Saari (Director), Roxana Stroe (Director), Petar Mitric (Ph.D at KU, co-writer and producer), Scott Hillier (Leader of ECU) and Liene Linde (Director).

The debate will be moderated by Julie Krog Vistisen.