Photo: Anne Hämäläinen | Yle Kuvapalvelu



Toni Kamula is a Finnish writer-director.

Born in Kempele, by the Gulf of Bothnia, North of Finland in 1978.

As a director his works include short films, audio drama, music videos and workshops. His short films have been selected to several A-Category Film Festivals as an Official Selection around the world.

His other works include acting in TV, films and in several theatres (ie. The Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, Lahti City Theatre). He is a founding member of KSR Theatre Group. He has had both private and collaborative media/video art exhibitions.

2016 Film Director, Super16 Film School, Denmark
2009 MA in Acting, National Theatre Academy, Finland
2008 BA in Media Art and Science, University of Lapland, Finland